Translation Services

TOP RENT is an agency based in Egypt, specialized in providing linguistic services in the following languages:
English, Arabic, French, German and Italian.

Our agency boasts profound experience & versatile range of specialties, which makes us ahead of others, not only that but our services are provided by humans and not machines.

We can handle large jobs & meet tight schedules, thanks to our exclusive team & unique know-how This is not all TOP RENT provides yet more language solutions and linguistic services such as:
Localization, Copy Writing, Subtitling and transcription.



Localization is the process of modifying a product to adapt to the needs and preferences of users in a different region. We translate computer software, games, and online applications into dozens of world languages. We understand how vital it is to get the message across consistently in each domain. Thus, we developed processes that enable us to do precisely that.



Subtitles are written forms of the dialogue of a film or other form of audio-visual material commonly showed at the bottom of the screen.

We are experts in providing high-quality subtitles for audio-visual material, including subtitles for Movies, documentaries, and promotional material, as well as experts in subtitling services for the deaf and hard of hearing. We only use experienced subtitlers who hold relevant qualifications and who have significant experience in the type of subtitling and the subject field required by our clients.


We’ll provide you with the best voice actor for your project.  We provide broadcast-quality audio that outbursts perfectly with your local markets’ potentials – firming up your sales, your customer engagement, and your brand’s existence. We offer a faster and stress-free way to get your projects done on time and within budget.

Proofreading Editing

If you lack confidence in your written style, let language experts sharpen your sentences so that your meaning shines through. We guarantee your documents are perfectly edited and proofread with our affordable, secure, and fast service. We will catch every punctuation mistake. Moreover, we will check your word choice and sentence structure, and comment on confusing phrasing to help you write more fluently.


We provide transcription service and offering audio-to-text,​speech-to-text, or voice-to-text solutions.
Accordingly,​clients rely on for a wide range of topics and choose our transcription services because of our exceptional reputation to transcribe many local dialects accurately,​as well as our ability to transcribe large volumes of audio or video recordings. Our professional transcribers make sure your words are transcribed in an ac


Good words got perfect results. Whether it was for a website, sales letter, brochures, PPC ads, or even emails, it’s always the words that inspire, impress, persuade and move. We believe in the fact that, if It sounds like writing, then our task is to rewrite it. Good copywriting will help your sales message come across loud and clear. Our copywriters will help you develop relationships with your clients. We will give you an edge over your competitors.

curate, confidential, secure, and professional manner.